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Unlabeled Bottle

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

I'm an "unlabeled bottle, as Alan Watts once said. (

But I thought to help my audience get to understand how I made it to this age (44). Which schools of thought influenced me and what traps I've fallen into.

With Grandmother
Tehran - June 1982

I was born in a muslim family which was not religious at all but had to pretend to be muslim to stay alive. We were not the only one. After that devistating caos called revolution, mostly the lowest class citizens and gangsters joined the islamic gang and started killing and torturing the normal people. Many people have left the country if they could and the ones who stayed have been taken hostage for the past 42 years by the men of the "God". The creatures who came from the dark depth of history books to steal my childhood ... and the rest of my youth.

My grandmother had a great influence on me at the early age since I was also raised by her. She was still carrying sediments of the old thoughts and traditions. She was not able to read and write but she was a living book of culture, poems and sayings. At the young age I started to collect all those old saying and poems she was reciting off her mind thinking I am doing a great cultural favor for the Farsi speaking community, but soon in a few years I learned that there is already a great encyclopedia of Persian Proverbs written by Ali-Akbar Dehkhoda (

To be continued @: Meeting A Prophet

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